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Happy Anniversary K&M

Yes. I suck at updating my blog and social media. Yes, I always promise to get more active on it. And no, the activity most likely won’t be increasing much in near future (unless I manage to bribe someone to do it for me)
I haven’t done one single blog post about my shoots at all las year. Not a single one. None. nada.
So now that it is exactly one year since kate & Mitch’s AMAZING wedding at Milk Station Otaki (which btw is incredible venue) it might be a good moment to wake up and post something. So here it comes. The draft I was going to work on one year ago:

What a day! These two had their dream wedding, at their dream venue and had all of their favourite people there to attend, including Kate’s brother who miraculously made it from Sydney in the chaos of Covid, having to isolate in MIQ for an extended stay due to contracting Covid! 
I’ve known these two for a while now and we always have so much fun when we get together for our photo shoots, even when they nearly wobble off their bridge while posing for me at their Te Horo property. 
Here is a snippet of their vows to sum up this crazy couple – love how they weren’t traditional and totally summed up who they are and their relationship. 


Thank you for making me cups of tea and adding extra sugar when it’s been a hard day. Thank you for pouring me a wine afterwards as a chaser if it’s been an extra hard day. 

Thank you for allowing and trusting me to take the lead 90% of the time and the other 10%, putting your foot down to keep me accountable and keep us on track. 

Thank you for making me laugh daily, frustrating me often, and making me feel like the most beautiful thing on earth even when I’m in my pyjamas that I know you would like to see be burned. 

I love our weekend dances in the lounge while cleaning. I love how you have a thirst for knowledge, often the most random and irrelevant of knowledge, but it’s got us a few correct answers at quiz nights and we all know how much I like to win.

I promise to love you through every storm we are sure to come across, to never go to bed angry, to water our own grass and be content in what we create together, and to be there beside you every step of this journey we call life. 


“We have so much fun and joy when we are out and about. This is usually due to me being odd and spontaneous. sometime I make you anxious when I disappear in the warehouse, then proceed to stalk you through the store, and jump out to try scare you. Other times I make you embarrassed by finding the loudest most obnoxious toy, usually a dog squeaker, and keep making noise, or squeeze as many as I can all at once, by this time you’ve usually walked away . So I vow to keep hiding in random places to try scare you and embarrass you in public place by being me I find you so beautiful and charismatic. You can light up a room with your soul and can hold an audience captive with your stories. you make me and others laugh so effortlessly and look so good while doing it. I frequently tell you your the most beautiful girl in the room, be it just you and me in the room or when we are outside and the room is the planet. So i vow to always tell you you are the most beautiful girl in the room. i know it’s true even if you don’t always agree and my final vow needs no anecdote. Kate, I vow to be the best partner, father, husband and friend that I can be.”

Aww… You two! I am so grateful that you chose me to capture your day. And your maternity photos too (Yes, Kate’s been pregnant, I got to snap away her beautiful bump pics. And no, of course I never posted those either on my blog or social media. But now I may have to.)
May you two have endless of happy years together and hopefully you enjoy looking at your pics as much as I do.
Happy first anniversary!

Johanna “The Lobster”

Venue: Milk Station Otaki
Rings: The Village Goldsmith
Band: The Noodles
Celebrant: Rosalind baxter

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