Maori wedding, Woodville

Even though I’ve been doing weddings for many, many years and seen all kinds of ceremonies and styles, I have to say that this particular wedding left me completely speechless.
To capture a Maori wedding into pictures has been a dream of mine for a long time, and now I finally got the chance to do that. I still get chills from the wedding Haka, even without looking at the photos. Unfortunately pictures just don’t do enough justice but I wish through them you can still get even a slight hint of the emotions experienced during the day.

What an emotional and amazing day you had O&M, I wish you all the best in your life and thanks for having me there!

Venue: Te Ahu a Turanga Marae, Woodville
Both Korowais: Rehutai Tahana, Korowai Korowai
Celebrant: Nicola Peretini


Woodville wedding

_DSC2269.jpgA sneak peek from last Friday. A fantastic maori wedding, can’t wait to get the whole wedding edited and posted.

(Stay tuned, more pics from this wedding will be here any minute now )

Botanic garden | Wellington weddings

Weddings are always beautiful. Big or small, modest or over the top. No matter what size, what style, when or where – they are always touching and beautiful. And I just love photographing all of them.

Capturing a wedding at Wellington Botanic Garden last month was simply beautiful. Just the closest family members gathered together in front of the Peace garden waterfall made this ceremony so intimate and beautiful.  I can still hear that waterfall flowing on the background, see the sun peeking through the leaves after rainy morning and light scent of the roses in the rose garden. And most of all – remember the wide smiles and laughters of the day.

Gosh I just love my job. And these awesome, beautiful couples!  Thank you for having me to capture your day!
Photobomber. Aka Father of the bride.


Ceremony & portraits -Wellington Botanic Garden
Celebrant – Miranda Zander
Make up – Debz Powell, Smashbox

Lizzie & Andy | Masterton wedding photography

You can never predict Wellington weather.  But most likely there will be winds.  And strong winds. All the time.
So it wasn’t a surprise that Lizzie and Andy’s wedding ceremony had to be held indoors instead of a beautiful garden of Copthorne Hotel & Resort Solway Park  in Masterton.
But who cares? Not us. It was a beautiful and fun ceremony with lots of laughter and I felt honored to be there to capture their special day.
Weatherwise we were lucky anyway cause it didn’t  rain during portraits – and even if it had nobody wouldn’t have noticed anyway. Cause everyone was having such a great time.

Thank you Lizzie and Andy for having me there as your wedding photographer, it was a pleasure to capture your special day into pictures.


Waimea| Kapiti coast wedding

I was so lucky to get to second shoot for awesome and lovely Rennee Cowley when she was photographing the wedding for Lisa & Andrew on December.
To me this was the first wedding here in NZ so it was so exciting to work for her and her wonderful couple. Of course I already had figured out that weddings here might differ little bit to typical Finnish ones but this was an excellent chance to get to observe local wedding ceremony as a second shooter. A huge thanks to Rennee and Lisa and Andrew for giving me this opportunity to be there and shoot for you!

Typically it was windy (like always in Welly) so the ceremony was held at the small garden of Waimea restaurant at Waikanae beach. I had been to this restaurant few times but never realized they arrange weddings and functions there as well. And how charming venue it was. Makes me want to arrange a party there myself.

Congratulation L&A one more time, it was so lovely to be there to witness your happy day!_DSC3111_DSC1624_DSC1631_DSC1691_DSC1716_DSC1725_DSC1721_DSC1733_DSC1736_DSC1717_DSC1756_DSC1759_DSC1772_DSC1776_DSC1812_DSC1763_DSC1829_DSC1844_DSC2027_DSC1873_DSC2021_DSC2095_DSC1943_DSC1923_DSC2157_DSC2160_DSC2142_DSC2137_DSC2125_DSC2112_DSC2061_DSC2053-Edit_DSC2048_DSC2037_DSC2202

Wedding in Calliola, Finland

Happy anniversary M & M!
You had such a beautiful wedding, everything was just perfect: Perfect venue, perfect weather and most of all – such a beautiful family.
Thank you for having me as your photographer of your day!


Paljon, paljon onnea M&M! Paperihääpäivä, toivottavasti yhtä kaunis ja lämminhenkinen kuin tasan vuosi sitten. Puitteet ainakin olivat loistavat:
Kaunis Karjaan kivikirkko, kaunis seremonia, mielettömän kaunis pari (ja lapset).
Upea juhlapaikka Snappertunan Calliolassa ja paahtava aurinko meren yllä. Täydellistä.

Muutama kuvamuisto ihanasta päivästänne, kiitos että sain olla mukananne!

Wedding in Luukin kartano, Finland

Happy anniversary Jenni & Petri!

I am so honored that I got to be part of your amazing wedding day. Such an amazing wedding, so much laughter, tears of joy. I loved every second of the day, loved your guests and most of all loved you both.

I wish you never ending love and happiness, you deserve it!

Täällä toisella puolen palloa vietetään parhaillaan lopputalvea joten mukava palata muistelemaan upeaa päivää tasan vuosi sitten ihanan hääjuhlan merkeissä.
Päivä alkoi vihkimisellä Lohjan Pyhän Laurin kirkossa ja mahtavaa juhlaa juhlittiin Luukin kartanolla Espoossa.
Paljon naurua, paljon onnen kyyneleitä, niin kaunis pari ja mieletön tunnelma kirkosta yömyöhään. Ihana päivä!
Ihanaa vuosipäivää Jenni & Petri, kiitos että sain olla mukananne koko päivän!